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  Group I VW CADDY MAXI 7 Seats Book it
VW CADDY 5 / 6 / 7 SEATS - Edition 1.4 TSI 92 kW (125 hp)
Price with comprehensive insurance included (Super CDW).
5 doors ABS / EBD / ESP Fog lights
Radio USB / AUX Airbags central locking
5-6-7 seats Direction asisted boot 280 l. > 2900 l
Electr. mirrors Bluetooth
 steering Wheel control Alarm Rear Pilot parking

 A. Cond.

Tire pressure indicator  car sunshade

The price includes
Clear conditions. If after reading the conditions still have any questions please ask, by e-mail or phone call. If you don´t want to book in advance find and visit us in Los Cancajos, we are located between Taburiente Playa Hotel and Hacienda San Jorge Hotel, in Centro Cancajos shoping center close to the beach.

- Discounts up to 15%

in all types of excursions, whether by bushiking, boat tour, etc., through our Travel agency Oasis La Palma, with office in Los Cancajos. Free Wifi in office. External cleaning of the vehicle in our installations (by appointment necessary).

Oasis La Palma, since 1996, Wellcome.                Mutua Tinerfeña guarantee best car insurance.

Driver Information

  • Minimum age is 23. Extra charge an under age fee for these drivers. The charges can be a minimum of 10 euros per day.


  • All prices shown include all taxes (13,5%) without exception.

General Conditions 

  • Unlimited mileage.
  • The payment will be deducted from your credit card by Autos Oasis upon completing your reservation. Please have your credit card available as it must be shown at the time of pickup. The credit card owner and driver must be the same person.
  • All bookings by our customers are subject to our terms and conditions.
  • The customer acknowledges that in making a booking with Autos Oasis La Palma SL he/she does so onlyon the basis of the material contained on our voucher, on our website or information provided on the phone by our call centre agents.
  • Autos Oasis La Palma SL is a car rental. Bookings made are subject to these terms and conditions. Please note that the rental of the vehicle will be subject to the law of Spain. You should satisfy yourself that you understand (and agree) to its terms and conditions, as you will be subject to, and must comply with these terms, and the law.
  • Autos Oasis La Palma SL will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, causing willful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. The customer will accept responsibility in respect of such claims.
  • Cars and all offers are subject to availability. All information in these terms and conditions, including prices, is correct at the time of publication.
  • Licence

    • Drivers must have held a licence for a minimum 2 years.



    • Excess charges can range from 150 to 400 euros depending on the size of the car (except offers shown).
    • These are charged between 2 to 9 euros per day, depending on the size and value of the vehicle (except offers shown). 

    P.A.I (Personal Accident Insurance)

    • Included in the paid rate. Maximum amount of 20.000,00 Euros.(+/- 18.000 S. Pounds)

    CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TW (Theft Waiver)

    • Always included in the paid rate.


    Additional Driver

    • In some offers the first additional driver is free of charge and after this there is a charge between 2 euros per day to 30 euros per rental.

    Out of hours

    • This service is on a request basis. The charges vary between 2 and 50 euros depending on the local place. Out of hours collections are only available at certain locations.

    Fuel Deposit

    • We will offer the option return with +/- the same petrol. A deposit is always required and any missing petrol will be deducted from the deposit plus a refuelling charge. If the vehicle is collected full and left empty, the client will pay for the all the petrol and the charges vary between 35 euros and 80 euros depending on the size of the vehicle. No refunds will be given for unused petrol.

    Use of Vehicle

    • The vehicle must not be used for the paid transport of passengers.
    • The vehicle must not be used to push or tow.
    • The vehicle must not be used to transport goods that infringe the law.
    • The client is responsible for any fines or penalties (and administratives fees) and must inform of this.
    • If the vehicle documents are lost, the client must pay a fee to Oasis La Palma.
    • The only authorised persons to drive the vehicle are the ones stated in the contract.
    • The customer should not carry more passengers than those permitted by law.
    • The vehicle must not be driven off road (except 4x4 vehicles), on an untarmacked surface or in dangerous areas e.g. beaches, canyons etc.
    • It is understood that non-compliance with these regulations will void the insurance.


    • The vehicle documents must be kept safe and in the vehicle at all times.

    Personal Data

    • Autos Oasis will hold your personal data relating to the rental for legal reasons.

    Mechanical Difficulties/Accidents

    • In the event of any mechanical difficulties or accidents involving your car, it is important that details are reported to Oasis La Palma car rental within 24 hours.
    • In the event of an accident you must also complete an accident report form by the end of the rental period.
    • Local police should also be notified in the case of accidents and a signed police report obtained.
    • Full details of third parties should also be obtained.
    • Autos Oasis La Palma must give authority to repair or replace a vehicle if it is clearly not your fault. Their name and contact details are shown on your voucher and rental agreement.
    • You should retain copies of all rental documentation in the event an insurance company is involved.
    • Your insurance cover may be invalidated if this procedure is not followed correctly and this may prejudice any claim for compensation.
    • A check-in form must be signed on return of the vehicle. Failure to do so may delay the investigation of disputes regarding damage excess charges.

                                          Rates are subjected to change and availability without previous notice.

Boot capacity from: with 7 seats 530 liters / with 5 seats 1600 liters


The price does not include

* Insurance, even with Super CDW included, in no case cover damages caused to the underside of the bodywork, wheels and tires and car replacement in case of breakdown or accident clearly caused by the customer. Neither covers, cranes, baggage, personal items carried, antenna, triangles, vest, cap fuel tank, keys or control, damage to the upholstery of the vehicle and refueling wrong.

CDW insurance and SCDW insurance:  you must show to Autos Oasis La Palma the friendly declaration of accident (declaración amistosa de accidente) within 24 hours from the accident duly and completely filled,  either the accident was with another vehicle or not, either you're the guilty or not, independently of the greater or lesser gravity of the accident. You can show this paper coming directly to our office, you can send it by fax or e-mail.
Any delay or failure to submit this paper to Autos Oasis La Palma will automatically cancels the SCDW insurance.

* Cleaning the inside vehicle course is included in the price shown "Save":
dirt and stains that require extra cleaning and upholstery stains caused by oil, sunscreen, food, salt, rust, animals, etc.. In short cleaning can not be done by suction and / or air. Should this occur you will be charged for the collection and revision of the vehicle depending on the amount of time spent.
It is absolutely forbidden to drive on highways, roads or any unpaved surface (except 4x4 off road). Failure to comply with this prohibition the customer will pay 100% of costs for damage caused by themselves or third parties.

* Processing costs for traffic fines: 20.00

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